*Truth Matters Bible Study - Monday’s @ 6:30
*Couples Night - March 2nd.
*Men’s breakfast, March 9th @ 7:00
*Daylight Savings Time springs forward March 10th 
*Sportsman’s Banquet - March 16th. If you have lanterns or campfire-type coffee pots that could be used for the Sportsman Banquet decorations, please contact Linda Wade, Vicki Albright, or Deb Early.
*Twin Lakes Summer Camp is quickly approaching . There is a  sheet in the back to help coordinate when campers are signed up so kids can go at the same times.  The church is also providing $300 scholarships for our church kids. See Aaron or Pastor Jeremy for discount code.

                                Nursery                                                                         Greeters
Feb   18    Tiffany Losier                                                        Bill & Debe Fred
              Jennifer T, Trisha B, Trinity                         Michael & Tina Paschen                  

Feb   25    Tiffany Losier                                                        Greg & Melody Dalton
              Deb C, Ruth Ann, Savannah                        Skeeter R. & Linda C.