Prayer requests

*The family of Bruce Cress, on his passing
*Michelle Buswell, Ruth Reed's granddaughter, cancer treatments
*Barbara Adsit, Beth’s sister, stage 3 pancreatic cancer
*Jane Durr, cancer treatments
*Our pulpit committee, on the selection of a new pastor
*Samantha Schanlaub, cancer
*Don King, B-cell Lymphoma
*Michelle Nead, Gary’s wife, continuing chemo treatments
*Tiffany Noble’s boss’ daughter, health concerns
*Jo Willis, continued recovery
*Reina Martin, 3rd Grader, important brain surgery on 12/20
*Pat Smith, serious health concerns
*Shayley Strasser, continued health concerns
*Karla Ellis, difficult respiratory concerns
*Scott Halterman, continued health concerns
*Danny Taylor (,  John Beagle & their families while they are deployed
*Trey & Megan Young, stationed in Japan for 3yrs
*Cory Halterman, in Texas for 3 months of training for the Navy
*PV2 Maddux Zeider, Ft. Bragg
*Charlie Binkerd, health concerns
*Wendy Lauderback’s family, multiple health concerns
*Bob Uhrich, cancer treatments
*Emily, a friend of Trinity, lymphoma
*Sam John, as Christian persecution in India increases
*David Rentschler, Ned’s youngest brother, pulmonary fibrosis
*Donna Gearhart, Hickory Creek
*Nellie McGrew,  Rm.317, Miller’s, Logansport
*Jean St.Clair, Westminster Village, Apt 3111, 2741 North Salisbury
  Street, West Lafayette, In 47906
*Sonja Folger, 300 Day St Logansport, IN 46947
*Betty Rogers, Hickory Creek, Rochester
*Eleanor Bugno, Rm. 3-2, Hickory Creek, Rochester
*Our pastor, church leaders & missionaries

Prayer Request Form

We would be honored to pray for you or someone you know. Our team prays for all the prayer requests we receive on a regular basis.