Prayer requests

*Steve Ellis, knee surgery 9/26
*Roy Rentschler, continued recovery
*Charlie Binkerd, healtn concerns
*Fred Gard, Andy’s brother-in-law, continued recovery & various
health concerns
 *Chuck Paschen, Michael’s father, health concerns

*Randy Alcorn, Rhonetta’s husband, cancer
*Rhonetta Alcorn, continued recovery
*Robert Rush, Aaron’s dad, awaiting heart valve replacement before beginning chemo
*Tiffany, a friend of Kay Crist's sister-in-law, critical health concerns (making small improvements) and has a son in need of a kidney transplant

*Greg Dalton’s brother-in-law, Bob, continued recovery
*Mark Babb’s mom, Donna, health concerns
*Emilee Albright, continued recovery
*Jack Zimpleman, continued serious health concerns

*Art Dykstra, Tiffany’s Uncle, kidney failure
*Wendy Lauderback & family health concerns
*Mike Reed, Ruth’s grandson, lung cancer
*Becky Aspinwall, Charlie Binkerd’s daughter, health concerns

*Hal Oliver’s brother, Greg, cancer treatments
*Freda McGrew, Hickory Creek, Room 3
*Donna Gearhart, Hickory Creek
*Sonja Folger, 2010 Ruth Circle, Alice TX 78332
*Our pastor, church leaders & missionaries

Prayer Request Form

We would be honored to pray for you or someone you know. Our team prays for all the prayer requests we receive on a regular basis.